Essential Post: Posting My Reflections of Interacting With Collegaues on Facebook, Google+, & LinkedIn

After a week playing around with the Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, I’m ready to give my reflection about how these forms of social media rank in terms of interacting with friends and colleagues.

Overall, I honestly enjoyed these types of social media outlets. Take that as you may, but I’m the most skeptical person to sign up for new things. I was the last of my friends to join Facebook, and I dwelled over the idea of participating in Twitter for a long time. One of the things I hate about new forms of social media is the weekly emails or the email notifications, and that issue alone is a reason I reject the idea joining social media. However, it has come to the point that you  get more emails encouraging me to join than when you are a registered member. So if you can’t beat them, join them.

I get Google+ and I really enjoyed the tutorial video by

That was an extremely useful tool to navigate through Google+. I really understand Google+ and I like it; however, it’s similar to Facebook (despite what Google+ fans think) and why bother to start up and maintain a second Facebook? Not to mention, a fraction of my friends are not on Google+ and I’m not in the business of adding random people for the purpose of networking with new people. The ‘circle’ feature on Google+  is brilliant, especially for people like myself who live for organizing and understanding that not everyone is my ‘friend’. To get a really tight understanding of the pros and cons of Google+, I encourage everyone to check out the 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Plus.

LinkedIn was my most challenging form of social media, but (ready for it…plot twist!!!!) it was my favorite.
The Challenge: For me, the challenge behind LinkedIn was the internal battle I had with uploading my resume online for the world to see. I was always under the impression that a resume was a scarred document and sharing it too often with too many people would lose its credibility and its vitality. Half of the excitement of applying for jobs is not knowing what the other candidates have to offer. Now it’s   like showing your hand of cards to everyone at the table. However, this is how the game goes now, and like I said earlier, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Now that I am registered and on LinkedIn, I understand the practicality of it. LinkedIn presents valuable opportunities for connecting with others and building relationships between people and businesses. The idea that LinkedIn is the 21st century source for getting employment has left me feeling skeptical. Until I hear first-hand stories about how people got successful careers through LinkedIn, I can’t believe that I’m missing out on some valuable opportunities. Call me old fashion, but despite the solid success rate from online dating, I rather the face-to-face meet and greet; and when it comes to seeking out new employment opportunities, LinkedIn will not be my first course of action.

The Enjoyment: Despite my bitter old-lady rant, I will say that I liked LinkedIn the best because there was far more users on LinkedIn, thus more activity created. Loved the feature of ‘Who viewed your profile’. How flattering!! haha. I enjoyed the control of creativity – I could add a little or a lot. I added a lot of information because I was inspired to own an ‘expert’ profile according the gage on the right hand side of my profile.


LinkedIn Expert, no big deal...

LinkedIn Expert, no big deal…

Hi, I’m Alax and I’ve been a Facebook user since 2007 (minus the 10 months in 2011 I gave up on Facebook and deleted it because it was a terrible distraction from school).  Ok – introduction is done…

Facebook was fun because it basically had an monopoly on social media, it was a pure and simple social media tool. Now,  its a channel with 600 million users that is used to market to millions of consumers with targeted banner ads. Corporate Facebook pages are the marketing tool of choice that have millions of Fans that have video trailers and promotions shared to launch billion dollar movies and megastar musician’s latest albums. I can only speak for my Facebook mini feed but it seems as though fewer and fewer people actually write status’ now. It’s peppered with shared information and ‘inspirational’ quotes and Buzzfeed articles. I have heard the “you can unfriend the people you get sick of” but personally I don’t even care that much to even do that!! (This whole topic is making me feel a little jaded, yikes.) Facebook misses that wide connection with the world and engages you on relevant topics. It keeps you in this bubble and limits your creativity.

Interacting with Colleagues 

One of the sub-question in my essential post asks to discuss how my experience was interacting with colleagues. Well, I only added my classmates to my Google+ account and LinkedIn accounts so I will only comment on those two.

Google+ was probably the better tool for interacting with colleagues; easy to comment and share ideas with that outlet. I could “Share what’s new” and people could respond. It was similar to Facebook and keeps it close with the people I added. Since LinkedIn is a more formal use of social media, I am less willing to share an update (unless I got a new job, maybe). I have more contacts on my LinkedIn account but less statuses compared to Google +. I had more private interaction though on LinkedIn, so it all depends what someone wants.

Alright. Time for everyone’s favourite activity, Ranking social media outlets.
And here we go!
1. Twitter
2. LinkedIn
3. Facebook
4. Google+
5. WordPress
Bonus one: Instagram!!!

Until next time,



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One Response to Essential Post: Posting My Reflections of Interacting With Collegaues on Facebook, Google+, & LinkedIn

  1. julieadl310 says:

    Wow, Alax, I’m impressed with all the time and thought you put into this post! I think I need to have another look at LinkedIn; I don’t like it very much… yet. I did like your “bitter old-lady rant” though :) and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one spending Saturday night working on ADL310.

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